Osore-yama (Mount Osore) – Experience ‘the other world’ while still alive.2013.12.03

Osore-yama is a caldera volcano in the centre of Shimokita Peninsula of Aomori prefecture. It peaks at 879 meters and its last eruption was noted in 1787.

Joe Jones

Photo by Joe Jones

Osore yama is one of the three most famous sacred places in Japan. It is translated as “Mount fear” and is famous that you can experience ‘the other world’ while you are still alive. In order for you to get in the area, you will need to cross the river called Sanzu River that is believed to be the boundary between the realms of the living and the dead. Once you cross the river, you will understand the meaning of the name by the sulphur fumes emitting from the volcano below and the landscape of blasted rock filled with bubbling pits of unearthly hues.


Photo by tsuda



Photo by tsuda

However, once you go through the area, you will find a lake reflecting the most amazing colour that will make you feel like in heaven.