[Fukuoka]Senbutsu Shonyudou “Walking through the cave”2013.11.29

Senbutsu Shounyuudou is a stalactite cave located in Kita Kyushu city, Fukuoka. Though this cave is several miles long, tourists can go deep inside as far as 1200m/ 1mile, splashing along the walls of stalactite in the water.

Crystalline Radical

Photo by Crystalline Radical

Temperature inside of the cave is around 16 C˚/ 60 F˚ and 14 C˚/ 57F˚ in the water throughout the year. You can go on with your normal shoes up to 480m/0.3 mile, or wear waterproof shoes or sandals if you want to proceed further up to 900m/ 0.56 mile. A visitor center at the entrance offers the sandals for free if you need them.

Crystalline Radical2

Photo by Crystalline Radical

There is no light along the route from the 900m/ 0.56 mile to 1200m/ 1mile, the end point available to tourists. Some thrill-seekers bring their own flashlights and head to the end.


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