[Toyama] Mt. Tsurugi “one of the most challenging mountain in Japan”2013.11.26

Like its name “Tsurugi” meaning steel or sword , the peak of Mt. Tsurugi looks as thousands of stone blades shooting out of the earth.


Photo by tsuda

Mt. Tsurugi is a 2,999m/9839ft-tall mountain located at the Tachiyama Mountain Range in Toyama prefecture. It is one of the few mountains that hold glaciers in Japan. Around the top of Mt. Tsurugi is a pyramidal peak, a sharpened peak resulted from the erosion by glaciers.It is also known as one of the most challenging mountains, because of its hazardous areas, such as steep rocky stretches, and a narrow slippery snow valley. The rock walls of Mt Tsurugi are notoriously steep so much that some climbers consider the mountain as a mecca of rock-climbing. Unfortunate climbers meet with an accident or lose their life every year.


Photo by tsuda

One of the best photo spots is around a pond called “ Senjin ike” near Mt. Tsurugi. The mountain in a blue sky or crimson sunset reflected on the surface of the pond is breathtaking.


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