[TOKYO] the Art of Shinjuku2013.11.12

From the impressionism to the history of Shinjuku, a variety of museums are available to fulfill your interest.

Sompo Japan Seiji Togo Memorial Museum of Art is well known for its collection of the impressionism and Yoga style-“ Western-style” – paintings by Japanese artists. “ Sunflowers” by Vincent Van Goh, and “Lanes at Alchamps, Aries” by Paul Gauguin as well as paintings by Paul Cezanne, Tsuguharu(Leonard) Fujita, and Ryusei Kishida are some of the masterpieces at the museum.

Art of ShinjukuPhoto by kuracom

For Asian art lovers, Century Museum at Century Cultural Foundation is a must see. Its collection includes 2500 works of paintings, metal-workings, lacquer work(japanning) , sculptures from Nara Period ( 710-794) to Edo Period(1603-1868).

Shinjuku Historical Museum is a great place to learn about the history of Shinjuku from prehistorical era to the present day. Its unique exhibition includes the reconstruction of a candy store during Edo Period, a partially preserved luxury train from 1960’s and artifacts found in Shinjuku, some of which are dated back to Paleolithic era.

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