[Miyako jima(宮古島)], One of tropical island in Okinawa Prefecture2013.10.22

Miyako jima is an island in Okinawa prefecture. It is a tourist place to enjoy and relax yourself. There are a lot of beaches, cultural places, local food, and local restaurants. If you like to do a marine leisure, this is a good place to go. There are a lot of beautiful views of ocean and nature. You can take a boat or air plane directly from mainland Okinawa or mainland Japan.

Miyako(宮古島) jimaPhoto by koni_aiko

Miyako(宮古島) jimaPhoto by Takayukix

Miyako(宮古島) jimaPhoto by koni_aiko

Why don’t you visit this place when you would like to do something difference? You can feel a lot of natures and I’m sure that you can also refresh yourself.

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