[Todoroki Keikoku]A beautiful natural valley in the middle of Tokyo.2013.10.18

Todoroki Keikoku is a park and forest in a tiny valley. It is located in the middle of the densely populated Setagaya city ward and the only natural valley in Tokyo 23rd districts. There is an attractive walking trail, leading for about 1km through a narrow, wood valley along a small river.

As you walk through the valley, you will find ancient tombs that appear the date back to the 7th or 8th century. Going further to the valley, there are small waterfalls called “Fudo no take” which translated to immobility waterfalls as it have been there for thousands of years. It is said that the name of the town “Todoroki” came from the sound of reflection of the waterfalls into the valley. You will then find a temple at the end of the trail.

Todoroki KeikokuPhoto by hirosakurai
Todoroki KeikokuPhoto by _kou

Todoroki Keikoku Photo by tie78reu

Todoroki Keikoku is also famous for Japanese as a power spot. It does not really matter what beliefs you have and whether you are spiritual or not but it is certain that you will feel relaxed and feel one step closer to understand the Japanese culture at the end of this trail.

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