[Chiba]Awa Shrine “blessed by the power of nature”2013.10.16

The Origin of Awa shrine in Tateyama, Chiba prefecture is believed to be dated back to 660BC. The close associates of the Emperor Jimmu developed the area around current Chiba prefecture and founded a shrine that later became Awa Shrine.

Awa ShrinePhoto by mossygajud
Awa ShrinePhoto by mossygajud
Awa ShrinePhoto by mossygajud

As you enter the white torii gate, an approach lined with about 200 cherry blossom trees will lead you to the main area, where several deities are enshrined in different buildings. Awa Shrine has been known as a vortex spot. Many people pay a visit to be blessed with the sacred energy through things such as 500-year-old tree, sacred sand in the shrine and spring water coming from mountains near the shrine.

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