[Osaka]Tsutenkaku– a tower reaching up to the heaven2013.10.07

Tsutenkaku—“ a tower reaching up to the heaven” – has been the symbol of Shinsekai neighborhood located on the south side of downtown Osaka. It was first built in 1912, but demolished in 1943 due to severe damage from a fire. By the efforts of the local groups that hope for the reconstruction of Tsutenkaku , the current tower was rebuilt in 1956.

TsutenkakuPhoto by bizmac
TsutenkakuPhoto by Norio.NAKAYAMA
TsutenkakuPhoto by Richard, enjoy my life!

From the top to the bottom, this 103m (426.5feet) high landmark is full of colorful attractions , which reflects the versatility of the people in Shinsekai. You can not only enjoy a 360° view of Osaka from the observatory deck, and the exhibition of 100 years history of Sinsekai , but also wish good fortune for Billiken and seven deities at Billiken shrine. As you leave Tsutenkaku, don’t forget to check out the top of the tower. It illuminates with lighting patterns to show you the weather forecast.

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