[Momiji-gari], One of activities for Japanese to feel the fall season2013.10.02

Momiji-gari is the activity to hike and see the red leaves in fall season. “Gari” is originally meaning “hunt”. However, people started to use it to see something also since Heian era (794-1192AD). The famous areas for Momiji-gari in Japan are Oirase (Aomori prefecture), Nikko (Tochigi prefecture), and most of temples and shrines in Kyoto. People used to put a branch with red leaves on their palms to enjoy the color.

Momiji-gariPhoto by toshihide.sato
Momiji-gariPhoto by uka0310
Momiji-gariPhoto by T.Kiya

The best season for Momiji-gari is coming up soon. There are many places other than above to see red leaves in Japan. Why don’t you visit areas and feel and enjoy the Japanese fall season?

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