[Takachiho kyo], One of famous great views in Miyazaki prefecture2013.09.26

Takachiho kyo is a canyon which is located in Takachiho town, Miyazaki prefecture. Cliffs are from 80m to 100m heights and it is 7km length. It’s one of famous great views in Japan and registered the natural monuments in 1934. There are more places for sightseeing such as Takachiho shrine and Kunimiga oka (you can see the sea of clouds at the hill). You can also experience creating local art crafts, having local food, and feeling the nature.

Takachiho kyoPhoto by Dal Lu
Takachiho kyoPhoto by TANAKA Juuyoh (田中十洋)
Takachiho kyoPhoto by kohrogi34

Since there are a lot of tours, you can create your own course and enjoy this area while you stay.

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