Sanma no Shioyaki – The best grilled fish in Autumn2013.09.09

Sanma (pacific saucy or mackerel pike) is a well known seasonal fish that represents Autumn in Japanese cuisine. The kanji character used for Sanma (秋刀魚), means ‘Autumn Sword Fish’ and it refers to Sanma’s season and its body shape which resembles a sword. The most common and simple way to cook Sanma is Shioyaki – simply salted and grilled.

Sanma in Autumn is meatier and indeed delicious. Moreover, it is very affordable and it contains a lot of nutritions such as Vitamins A, calcium, Vitamin D and high in DHA. Therefore it often appears at dinner table at home. Sanma no Shioyaki is usually served with grated daikon – also in season from autumn to winter, and citrus fruits called Sudachi – also in season from the end of summer to autumn. The freshness of daikon and mellow acidity of sudachi are great combination to enhance the Sanma flavour.

Sanma no ShioyakiPhoto by nikunoki
Sanma no ShioyakiPhoto by june29
Sanma no ShioyakiPhoto by y_ogagaga

Sanma is sold in vacuum packs at asian grocery store and can be easily cooked in oven or with pan so why don’t you try the flavour of Japanese autumn at home?

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