[Wakayama] Koyasan, the sacred place of 1200 years2013.09.04

Do you know there is the world heritage basin in Wakayama?
It is Koyasan, the head temple of Shingon-shu. Koyasan is a basin that is surrounded with mountains altitude over 900m.
Koyasan is designated as part of a world heritage site under the name “Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range.”

KoyasanPhoto by Andrea Schaffer
KoyasanPhoto by Andrea Schaffer
KoyasanPhoto by yuen yan

Koyasan has been highly considered sacred place for about 1200 years.
Especially the inner shrine and its pilgrimage route are thought to be the world of the dead.
When you visit Koyasan, I am sure that you will feel the psychological world of Japanese people.

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