Kuri Gohan – A perfect dish to enjoy the subtle sweetness of autumn.2013.09.02

Kuri (Chestnuts) Gohan (rice) is a traditional Japanese rice dish that is cooked with chestnuts. Chestnuts are harvested in autumn and widely used in a variety of ways. You will be surprised that how often you will see chestnuts this time of year in Japan.

Kuri Gohan is one of the most favoured autumn cuisine in Japan since not only the chestnuts but also the rice are harvested in autumn. It is not very difficult to make Kuri Gohan. Probably the most difficult part is to peel the chestnuts after been boiled. You need to make sure to remove both the inside and outside shells and you can do a little trick of sprinkling a tablespoon of sugar on them to keep the bright yellow colour. If you struggle to peel them with a knife, you can purchase a special peeler for chestnuts and that explains how much the Japanese loves Kuri Gohan.

Kuri GohanPhoto by awayukin
Kuri GohanPhoto by misawakatsutoshi

The combination of the newly harvested rice and chestnuts are just perfect match and I am pretty sure that you will feel blessed by the flavour of autumn.

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