[Shimane]Izumooyashiro, the shrine of myth2013.08.26

Do you know there is a shrine of Japanese myth origin?
It is Izumooyashiro.

The Japanese old name for October is “Kannazuki,” means a month of no gods. This name is relate to Izumooyashiro.
In the Japanese myth, there are myriads of gods appears in. In October, myriads of gods all around Japan gather to Izumooyashiro for the conference. So, October called a month of no gods in Japan except Shimane.

IzumooyashiroPhoto by zenjiro
IzumooyashiroPhoto by Kuruman
IzumooyashiroPhoto by puffyjet

The special feature of this shrine is very big straw festoon. There are 2 big straw festoon. The smaller one is lenght 6.5m, weight 1t, the bigger one is lenght 13m, weight 4.5t.

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