Suikawari – Find the watermelon with your third eye!2013.08.22

Suikawari is a traditional Japanese game that played in the summertime. Suika means watermelon and Wari means splitting. Let me explain the rule of this game.

The rules are similar to Piñata. The participants one by one attempt to smash the watermelon open. First of all, you should do this outside, such as at beaches as you don’t want the juice and bits and pieces of watermelon all over the floor. It is wise to use a beach towel or some sort of sheet on the surface to place the watermelon firmly and avoid the mess afterwords. Secondly, all participants must wear a blindfold. Each is blindfolded, spin around three times, and handed a wooden stick then you go forward. Other participants and audience can give the person guide by saying the direction (or this can be distraction). The first person who cracked the watermelon open wins.

SuikawariPhoto by Sharon Hahn Darlin
SuikawariPhoto by ivva

It is a good fun to watch the blindfolded person ‘blindly’ look for the watermelon and of course the best part of this game is to share the watermelon afterwards!

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