Yukata – A comfortable casual summer kimono2013.08.20

Yukata is a Japanese traditional garment. It is similar in style to kimono but much lighter and more casual, and made of cotton. Yukata function both as a bathrobe and loungewear, or even to go outside.

You may find yukata when you stayed at Ryokan – Japanese style hotel. Don’t be afraid to try to wear it as it is not so complicated compare to kimono and very comfortable. I will give you a quick lesson on how to dress in yukata.
1: Put on your yukata over your underwear. Slip your arms into the sleeves.
2: Fold the right hand side underneath the left hand side and fold the left hand over the right hand side.
3: Secure everything in place with the obi (belt) by wrapping it around your waist. For men, the belt should rest fairly low on the hips. For women, the belt is tied at the waist.


YukataPhoto by Hiroshima University Campus Scape

Yukata is often sold at a reasonable price and I am pretty sure that wearing yukata will give you another level of cultural experience of Japan.

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