[Ganmon], one of beautiful views from cliffs in Ishikawa prefecture2013.08.15

Ganmon is located on Shikamachi, Ishikawa prefecture. It is one of places to see, generally called “Noto Kongo” with Hatagoiwa, Sekinohana, Yaseno-dangai, and Masuhogaura. Ganmon is a natural sea-cave on the solid rock which was created by the erosion and is sticking out to the ocean. Its dimension is 6m (W) x 15m (H) x 60m (D). This area is a seaside which has many cliffs and interesting rocks to see along 30km. The views from cliffs are beautiful and you can ride on a boat to see the different views from the ocean.

GanmonPhoto by cyesuta
GanmonPhoto by cyesuta

Why don’t you visit this place to feel nature and refresh yourself to hear the sound of waves with seeing beautiful views you never had before?

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