Kakigori – Delicious snow flakes with colourful syrup.2013.08.07

Kakigori is a Japanese shaved ice dessert. It is not like a snow cone, it is way way more smoother and fluffier, just like fresh fallen snow. There are variety of flavours available such as strawberry, lemon, melon and of course green tea.

Kakigori is one of the most common street food during the summer festival season. Some shops provide colourful varieties by using more than two different syrups and toppings. Condensed milk is often poured on top of it. The traditional way of making Kakigori uses a hand cranked machine to spin a block of ice over an shaving blade. The hand shaved one are so much better in its texture.

KakigoriPhoto by Norio.NAKAYAMA
KakigoriPhoto by yoppy
KakigoriPhoto by OKAMOTOAtusi

It is definitely worthwhile to try a hand-shaved Japanese Kakigori, highly recommended with the traditional flavour called Uji-kintoki which is green tea syrup and sweet azuki beans!

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