[Yamagata]”Risshaku-ji”, one of beautiful temples in Yamagata prefecture as a famous pilgrimage course2013.08.02

Risshaku-ji is a temple which is located in Yamagata city, Yamagata prefecture. It is called as “Yamadera”, founded in 860 AD by the priest Ennin. This is one of temples which creates a famous pilgrimage course in Tohoku area (Northern Japan) which consists of Chuson-ji (Iwate prefecture), Motsu-ji (Iwate prefecture), and Zuigan-ji (Miyagi prefecture). There are some items and buildings which are classified as Important Cultural Properties of Japan such as Risshaku-ji chudo and Mokuzo Yakushi Nyoraizazo.

Risshaku-jiPhoto by ume-y
Risshaku-jiPhoto by ume-y
Risshaku-jiPhoto by ume-y

Since this temple clings to the steep rocky hillsides, you can see the beautiful views and have fun as hiking. Why don’t you try to visit there?

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