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We have already introduced about 3 dishes that you should eat in early summer Kyoto. And, there are also confectioneries that you should eat in this season. There are some common point between those dishes and confectioneries. If you love sweet things, check those!

1. Eat Minazuki!
This Japanese confectionery is a representative of the early summer confectionery!
Minazuki means June in archaic word, and as its name, this confectionery is for June.
In very hot summer in Kyoto, you should cool down your body. So ice is important, but in ancient times, ice was very precios.
Then, some people made a confectionery shaped like ice and it is Minazuki. This is juicy and has elastic texture, extremely testy!
Tradition say that if you eat this one on June 30, you will never get sick for.half a year.

MinazukiPhoto by rhosoi

2. Eat Ayu!
Ayu is representative summer fish of Kyoto.
Are people in Kyoto eat fish as a confectionery? Of course not. Ayu is a very popular fish in early summer Kyoto, so there is a traditional confectionery that shaped as Ayu, and this is also named “Ayu.”
Ayu is a confectionery that wrap soft, translucent and sweet rice cake with sponge cake. This confectionery is almost melting on your tongue.

AyuPhoto Minazuki

3. Eat Namafu manju!
Namafu is raw wheat starch. It has elastic texture like Mochi.
To know more about Namafu, please check other article on this website.
Originally, Namafu is eaten as dish, not as dessert. However, there is a tradittional confectionery that uses Namafu.
It is Namafu manju. This confectionery is a Namafu filled with red bean jam and wrapped in bamboo grass. Namafu and red bean jam are very juicy and fresh. Bamboo grass adds this confectionery refreshing aroma.

These are the best 3 confectioneries of early summer Kyoto.
When you come to Kyoto in early summer, please enjoy your tourism with those confectioneries!

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