Tokoroten – A healthy diet food from sea that does not taste like seafood.2013.07.24

Tokoroten is a traditional Japanese food made from seaweeds extracts. It looks like translucent noodle, is served cold and eaten with vinegar based dressing.

Tokoroten itself does not have much taste, certainly does not taste like seaweed. It is a kind of food that you enjoy the texture more than its flavour. Because it is so light and refreshing, it is a great snack on a hot humid day. Also as it is made from seaweeds extracts, it has no calories and contains a substantial amount of fibre, helps reduce blood sugar level, cholesterol and body fat.

TokorotenPhoto by yuko_ppp2501
TokorotenPhoto by is_kyoto_jp
TokorotenPhoto by Dai44

If you are traveling to Japan during the Summer, keep Tokoroten in your mind as your heat saver food!

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