[Shiba-inu], one of the Japanese unique dogs2013.07.09

Shiba-inu has designated as a precious natural treasure in Japan. Its size is approximately 38-41cm for male and 35-38cm for female. It is a small spitz breeds of dog and is originally bred for hunting since it is very brave, obedience to owner, and best in a home. It says that shiba-inu is characterized as independent and stubborn, therefore, it is not easy to train him/her. However, people has shiba-inu as a pet today since it’s a good house pet once it obeys to owner.

Shiba-inuPhoto by Dakiny
Shiba-inuPhoto by FrANk.H ^.^

It is very interesting that you can also see the Japanese unique characters through Japanese dog, Shiba-inu. Please check it out when you have opportunity to play with him/her.

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