[Zarusoba]The best way to enjoy the aroma of buckwheat noodle.2013.06.23

Zarusoba is boiled and chilled soba (buckwheat noodles) served on a bamboo basket. It is commonly served with dipping sauce and toppings.

Soba is now a very well known Japanese food and there are many restaurants in Japan where you can enjoy hand-made soba noodle. Zarusoba is considered to be the best way to enjoy the aroma of buckwheat noodle. Although, in order to do so, please ensure that you do not completely dip the soba in the sauce. Pick a cluster of soba noodle, lift it up from the basket and dip less than half of it into the sauce. Most importantly though, don’t be afraid to make noise whilst slurping the noodle quickly so that you can experience the ideal combination of the dipping sauce and the aroma of the buckwheat.

ZarusobaPhoto by kalleboo
ZarusobaPhoto by monoooki

After enjoying the soba noodle, you can ask for Soba-yu (the water that was used to boil the soba noodle) so that you can add it to the dipping sauce and drink them together. Japanese like to do this because the water contains the buckwheat aroma and gives them a complete Zarusoba experience.


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