[Nagano] “Zenko-ji”, the famous “Zen temple” in Japan2013.06.13

Zenko-ji, located in Nagano, is one of the most important temples in Japan. It was founded in the 7th century and is one of the last few remaining pilgrimage sites in Japan.

The main Buddhist statue at this temple is called ‘Hibutsu’ (which means secret Buddha), however, it is concealed from the public. It is believed that this Hibutsu, which came from India, is the first Buddha statue to ever be brought to Japan. Every year, over 6 million visitors come to Zenko-ji temple to witness and experience this masterpiece of Japanese Buddhist architecture. Zenko-ji is the largest temple in all of Eastern Japan and a testament to the faith Buddhism followers.

Zenko-ji is loved by the locals and it is a great place to sense how the Japanese apply Buddhism to their everyday life as well as being a great getaway since it is only 2.5 hours from Tokyo by Shinkansen.

[Nagano] "Zenko-ji ", the famous "Zen temple" in Japan

Photo by katsuuu44

[Nagano] "Zenko-ji ", the famous "Zen temple" in Japan

photo by tsuda

[Nagano] "Zenko-ji ", the famous "Zen temple" in Japan

Photo by gtknj

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