“Shiki”, the four seasons of Japan2013.06.11

The four seasons are one of the special features of Japan.Climate in this country has four seasons precisely.
Scenery changes from season to season.
Japanese people enjoy these seasons from ancient times.Today, we introduce you about Japanese four seasons, its character and highlight.

1. Spring

The Japanese spring is warm in most region.
This season is the first season for most Japanese people, because it is the start of the financial/school year.
Why is the financial/school year starts in spring? Because the cherry-blossom blooms!
There was a discussion about changing the start of the f inancial/school year to the autumn, to suit the western countries, but it has rejected.
Like this, Japanese people love the cherry-blossom.
If you come to Japan in the spring, don’t miss the cherry-blossom!


Photo by zaimoku_woodpile

2. Summer

Summer in Japan is too hot, it is completely different from the western country’s summer. It is really humid( Japanese climate is always humid, but you will feel its humidity very real in the summer), high temperatures. The sum beats down on your head. To be honest, I can’t say its comfortable. However, Japanese people always tried to make it to be felt cool. For example, in Kyoto, you can enjoy Kawayuka河床, raised platform on the bank of a river for enjoying the cool in summer.
You can enjoy some Japanese chilled sweets like Kakigori, shaved ice in Summer.
Fireworks are also Japanese summer’s amusement.


Photo by uka0310

3. Autumn

Autumn in Japan is very confortable season.
It’s not too cold, not too hot. Warm enough to do some sightseeing.
And this season, the Japanese maple leaves are turned red. View the scarlet Japanese maple leaves, this is one of the biggest seasonal event in Japan. The scarlet leaves lasts for about a month. It’s very long than cherry-blossom. The scarlet leaves do not easily fall by wind or rain. So you can enjoy it easily, without being hasty.


Photo by noriqnub

4. Winter

Most region in Japan has snow in the winter.
However, it’s not very deep( exept the northen regions).
There are so many temples and shrines in Japan, as you know, and the snow brings out these place’s charm. Architectural structures and nature of Japan will be added more brilliance and stillness.
And, there is the New Year’s celebration. It is , of course, one of the biggest Japanese winter pleasure. For the preparation of the New Year, there are many special foods and ornament hit the shelves. You can enjoy Japanese celebration atmosphere even if you only do window-shopping.


Photo by Noriko Puffy

Like this, each seasons of Japanese has its characteristics.
Whenever you come to Japan, you can enjoy some seasonal amusement!

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