“Capsule Hotels “, the low price and innovative business hotel2013.06.09

A capsule hotel is a type of hotel in Japan that features a large number of small rooms next to each other – just like capsules – that provide cheap accommodation for guests.

Capsule hotels provide guests with just enough sleeping room, nothing more. They offer basic amenities such as a small television, power points and sometimes wireless Internet access. Bathrooms are communal and some have a communal bathtub and restaurant. They exist simply to provide guests with an overnight sleep when they have missed their last train home. These days, they also provide ‘women only’ floors and lockable capsules that are quite safe as long as you are not claustrophobic. These hotels provide foreigners with an unmatched insight into one aspect of Japanese culture – as they do not exist anywhere else in the world.

It is comforting to know that you have this option if you missed the last train and you can’t get home!

"Capsule Hotels ", the cheap and innovative business hotel

Photo by  simonhn

"Capsule Hotels ", the cheap and innovative business hotel

Photo by ben hanbury

"Capsule Hotels ", the cheap and innovative business hotel

Photo by Michael Francis McCarthy

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