“Rakugan”, the Japanese hard candy2013.05.31

Do you know Rakugan, Japanese dried sweets?
This is one of the most popular Japanese sweets, wagashi.
It is a kind of sweets, but it more soluble in water than ordinary sweets.

Rakugan is beautiful and elegant just as Japanese art work, keep quality for long, so it’s really suitable for souvenir.
Today, we’ll introduce about Rakugan!

1. What is Rakugan?

Rakugan is Japanese dried sweets.
It made by rice flour and powder sugar. To cook Rakugan, knead rice flour and powder sugar with a smidgen of water, put the paste into a mold and dry it.
The main ingredient of Rakugan is sugar, so it is very sweet. However, it is very savory, because the refined Japanese sugar
is used in Rakugan. The name of the sugar is Wasanbon. This sugar is smooth and fine, really melts in your mouth.
So that, Rakugan is melty and tasty!

"Rakugan", the Japanese hard candy

Photo by ZoAmichi

2. What is Rakugan mold?

Rakugan is not only tasty, it looks very nice.
To cook Rakugan, we use special mold for Rakugan. In 18-19th century, wooden Rakugan mold was used.
antique Rakuga mold is luxurious and very expensive, but you can get contemporary Rakugan mold with reasonable price.
These cheaper mold is ordinaly ceramic made.
It is the mold special for Rakugan, but you can use it to make short bread, springerle or other biscuits!

"Rakugan", the Japanese hard candy

Photo by panna noriko

3. Where can we buy Rakugan?

Rakugan is very popular sweets in Japan, so if you go to department store or souvenir shop in Japan, you can easily find Rakugan.
However, there are some region which famous with Rakugan.
Kanazawa is one of the such region. In the Edo period, domein of this region promoted confectionery business. As a result, the techniques of Japanese confectionery production of Kanazawa is still keepshigh-level.
Tokushima is also famous with Rakugan, because it is a location famous for production of Wasanbon sugar.

Rakugan is very popular, tasty, beautiful, keep quality for long, typically Japanese sweets.
When you come to Japan, don’t miss to try it!

"Rakugan", the Japanese hard candy

Photo by Mr Wabu

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