[Kyoto] “Daigo-ji Sanbo-in”, the historic temple designated as World Heritage Site2013.05.22

If you want to watch the gorgeous interior of traditional Japanese architecture, you shouldn’t miss Daigoji Sanboin.

Daigoji Sanboin is originally established early in 12th century. It is destroyed by fire in 15th century and reconstructed in 16th century. Investor of this restructural plan is Toyotomi Hideyoshi, the most influential person in that period. Because of this, slathers of money used on the temple, and the temple became the very implessive one!
What you should watch in this temple is amasing fusuma and garden. Today, we introduce you how it is beautiful and worth to watch!

Daigo-ji Sanbo-in

1.The “Fusuma” is gorgeous!

Do you know what is Fusuma?
Fusuma is one of the most important fixture of Japanese architecture.
Fusuma is Japanese sliding door that made by wood and paper. It used to partition off rooms. There are only a few large rooms in the traditional Japanese architecture, and people use the architecture with many Fusuma.
Fusuma is made by paper, so that it is easy to paint. Fusuma-e, picture on Fusuma, is renowned as one of the Japanese architectural major fine art.
Actually, Fusuma-e in this temple is brilliant!
On these Fusuma-e, Japanese traditional landscape is drawn.
There are 5 famous Fusuma-e.
Older Fusuma-e is painted in 16th century, which is the temple is reconstructed, but the latest one is drawn by a contemporary painter Hamada Taisuke. So you can enjoy traditional and modern Japanese fine art here!

Daigo-ji Sanbo-in

2.The garden is brilliant!

If you visit to Daigoji Sanboin, the best season is spring!
Because there are some trees of cherry, and the cherry-blossom is amazing.
This garden is designed by Toyotomi Hideyoshi himself, the most influential person in his period, to enjoy the gorgeous cherry‐blossom viewing party. The party he held at Daigoji Sanboin is historical one, recorded in detail, such as the order of palanquins.
In addition to the cherry tree, there is a pine tree of 600 years old, many dplendid large rocks and innovative approached artificial waterfall.

You can enjoy beautiful nature and traditional architecture in Daigoji Sanboin.
If you interested in Japanese nature or architecture, we recommend you to visit this temple.

Daigo-ji Sanbo-in

Daigo-ji Sanbo-in

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