[Miyagi] “Sendai-jo”, the castle built by famous samurai “Date Masamune”2013.05.20

Sendai-jo is a castle that is located in Sendai city in Miyagi prefecture, the north of Japan district.

Date Masamune built it on Aobayama in 1601, therefore it is commonly known as “Aoba-jo”. It is made by stone wall and has been repaired many times so far. There are an audience hall which is called as “hon-maru” where not only the political decisions were made but also the formal ceremony was held. There is also the statue of Masamune horseback for his legend. There are also Nishino-maru where Miyagi Gokoku Shrine is located now and Nino-maru as a campus of University of Tohoku, and Sanno-maru as Sendai Museum. You can see views over the city.

Why don’t you visit this place to get some knowledge about the famous armed samurai, Date Masamune?


photo by 柏翰 / ポーハン / POHAN

Sendai-jophoto by 柏翰 / ポーハン / POHAN

 [Miyagi] “Sendai-jo”, the castle built by famous samurai "Date Masamune"

 [Miyagi] “Sendai-jo”, the castle built by famous samurai "Date Masamune"


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