[Kochi]“Shimanto River”, the most clear stream in Japan2013.05.05

“Shinmanto River” is located in Kochi prefecture.

The biggest feature of this river is clearness of the water. This place is famous for the clear limpid stream in Japan because there is no dam in the stream. It is very rare case. Many animals live in the surroundings of “Shimanto River”. “Akame”, Japanese red-lip mullet , is the most biggest fish of this river. “Aka” means red color and “me” means eyes. Adults of this fish are more than 1meters long.

Shimanto River

 photo by ninja gecko

Shimanto River

photo by azumaya888

Shimanto River

photo byby ninja gecko

Shimanto River

photo by azumaya888

Now, “Akame” is designated as endangered species by the Ministry of the Environment. The last paradise of animals in the river is being threatened now.

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