[Hokkaido]Tour guide of “Sapporo City” vol.12013.04.28

Have you ever been to “Sapporo City”? Sapporo city is the most biggest city of Hokkaido prefecture,the northernmost of the four main islands of Japan.

There are many interesting sightseeing spot in this city, so we will introduce you to how to enjoy this city.

Clock Tower

“The clock tower” was built as gymnasia of the Sapporo agricultural school in 1878. It is designated as the national important cultural property. It’s beautiful appearance is worth seeing.

【Hokkaido】Tour guide of "Sapporo City"

Odori park and television tower

“Odori park” (105m in width, 1.5km in length) is a park enclosed by roadside trees. Beautiful flowers,fountains, and various sculptures are displayed on a lawn. This park is the healing spot of the tourist.

“The television tower” exists at the east end of this Odori Park, and it becomes a landmark of Sapporo city.You can overlook the beautiful scenery of Sapporo city from the observatory!

【Hokkaido】Tour guide of "Sapporo City" vol.1

【Hokkaido】Tour guide of "Sapporo City" vol.1

photo by “Welcome to sapporo”


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