“Unaju” – it makes you powerful and untiring2013.04.21

“Unagi” (eel) is nutritious and invigorating Japanese food.  Japanese loves “unagi” so much .

It is said that if you eat “Unagi” at the beginning of summer,  it makes you more powerful and prevent you from summer heat fatigue.
“Unaju” is  broiled eel, served over rice in a lacquered box.  The collaboration of eel, rice, and original sauce produces absolutely great taste., but it is extremely difficult to grill Unagi because of its delicate meat, so only experienced chef can cook unagi.

Once you taste Unaju , you will never be able to forget its delicious and  spicy taste.

"Unaju" – it makes you powerful and untiring

"Unaju" – it makes you powerful and untiring

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