“Karinto” – You can cook Japanese deserts in your kitchen!2013.04.15

Karinto is one of Japanese confections.
This is very traditional and popular in Japan. It is not very expensive, a kind of cheap confections. And you can make it with ingredients in your own kitchen!

"Karinto" - You can cook Japanese deserts in your kitchen!

1. What is Karinto?

Karinto is a Japanese confection. It is a little crisply snack of fried, shaped as tiny stick.
There are many kinds of Karinto.
Most Karinto is sweet. Sweet Karinto is covered with sugar(granulated sugar or melted brown cane sugar). Some Karinto are very healty, because it contains vegetables such as carrot or spinach.
There are also salty Karinto as well.

2. Who loves Karinto?

Actually, Karinto is not in the latest fashion. Young people don’t eat Karinto very often. It is more popular among elderly people.
And it is also eaten as children’s mid-afternoon snack.
Therefore, most Japanese have eaten Karinto with his or her grandparents, or with kindergarten friends.
So Karinto reminds Japanese sweet memories.

3. How to make Karinto?

To make Karinto, you don’t have to prepare some special Japanese materials.

Use flour, sugar, baking powder, water, oil for frying, sugar for coating to make very simple and popular type of Karinto.
How to make it? It’s very easy. Just knead ingredients, shape it tiny stick, fry it and coat it with sugar. If you can use sesame oil as for frying, it will become more like Karinto.

When you want to eat Japanese deserts in your home, please try this!


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