“Toyotomi Hideyoshi” , the intellectual samurai2013.04.14

“Toyotomi Hideyoshi” is intellectual samurai.

An old Japanese tradition says that when a bird in a cage did not sing, Hideyoshi said that “If you don’t sing, little cuckoo, I’ll make you sing.”

His position in samurai society was one of the most lowest class, and he didn’t have fighting skill. But, he had?a clear head.?Being singled out by “Oda Nobunaga”, the monkey-like-face man became a military commander. “Hideyoshi” disliked someone to die and so his method of war was not murderous. For example, he often utilized inundation tactics. As soon as the death of “Oda Nobunaga”, “Hideyoshi” raised an army against betrayal army. For that reason, the man who had been lowest position gained supreme samurai ruler.

"Kamameshi" ,the traditional Japanese rice-using dishes

In Japanese culture, “Hideyoshi” is highly respected in that he used “wit” freely.

Photo by ken’s銅像探索日誌


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