“Tokugawa Ieyasu” the samurai who founded the “Tokugawa Shogunate”2013.04.13

Do you know “Shogunate”? “Shogunate” is a ancient Japanese government which ruled by samurai.

An old Japanese tradition says that when a bird in a cage does not sing, Ieyasu said that “If you don’t sing, little cuckoo, I’ll wait till you sing.”, and? continues to wait until a bird sings. This tradition has clear contrast with other samurai generals. Another tradition sais that in the same situation,“Oda nobunaga” said that “If you don’t sing, little cuckoo, I’ll kill you.”, and?tried to kill a bird immediately.

“Tokugawa Ieyasu” was born in Mikawa, an old name of Aichi prefecture and was taken to “Oda clan” as a hostage in his youth. “Ieyasu” had to stand many situations. For example, in 1572, he was beated up by “Takeda Shingen” with strongest cavalry soldier and, in 1582, lost a war against “Toyotomi Hideyoshi” for the filling the place of the supreme leader “Oda Nobunaga”. But the man who laughed at last was “Ieyasu”. After “Toyotomi Hideyoshi” died because of illness, “Ieyasu” went upstairs to become supreme samurai ruler in 1603.

“Tokugawa Ieyasu” the samurai who founded the "Tokugawa Shogunate"

Finally, by the emperor, he was designated as “Shogun”, the highest rank of samurai. And the “Tokugawa family” became most strongest samurai clan in Japan ever, ?and his descendants had been ruled government of Japan until 1867.

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