“Chosokabe Motochika”, the samurai ruler of “Shikoku Island”2013.04.12

“Chosokabe Motochika” was samurai ruler in Shikoku Island whose perimeter is 720 km.

He was born in “Tosa”, an old name of Kochi prefecture as the son of “Chosokabe Kunichika who was called “wild tiger”. The age at Motochika’s maiden battle was 21 and after this he continued to win with his worriers “Ichiryo-gusoku” that was peasants always with weapons. This is peculiar Japanese culture of military affairs. Once the whistle informing the start of battle sounded on the farmland, they took spears in their hands and rushed to battle field.

“Chosokabe Motochika”, the samurai samurai ruler of "Shikoku Island"

For the sake of alliance with “Oda Nobunaga”, supreme samurai ruler, “Motochika” was unrivaled in Shikoku Island. However after becoming hostile to “Oda” and “Toyotomi Hideyoshi”, sccessor of “Oda”, “Motochika” was beated and thrusted into “Tosa”.

Photo by?ken’s銅像探索日誌


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