“Tamagoyaki” , the Japanese style omelet2013.04.11

Tamagoyaki is a homey Japanese food that is usually served for breakfast or on top of Sushi. It is Japanese style omelet. The main ingredients are very simple, eggs, salt, sugar and Dashi (fish stock).

There are several variations of Tamagoyaki and also the ratio of each ingredients can vary depends on individual’s preference. Just like omelets, everyone has opinion on how they like to be cooked. It is not rare that a couple have an argument on how sweet their Tamagoyaki should be. Some people like to eat it with soy sauce and grated radish, some like to eat it with mayonnaise.

"Tamagoyaki" , the Japanese style omelet

Try Tamagoyaki whenever you can find it on menu, compare, explore and find your favorite type of Tamagoyaki!


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