“Kusunoki Masashige” , the brave samurai commander2013.04.11

“Kusunoki Masashige” was samurai commander in the ?Kamakura era.

When Japanese emperor “Godaigo” raised an army against Kamakura shogunate in 1331, “Kusunoki Masashige” followed “Godaigo”. “Masashige” had just 500 soldier but that in Kamakura shogunate was more than a hundred thousand. There seemed no way to stand even for a day. But small army of “Masashige” survived for a month. “Masashige” entered into a citadel and utilized guerilla tactics; fake walls, fake dolls, falling rocks and so on. Finally he escaped there and after that he and his small army did battle with a large army.

“Kusunoki Masashige” , the brave samurai commander

“Kusunoki Masashige” is an ancestor of virtue in Japanese culture: small force win a battle against a massive enemy.

Photo by?ken’s銅像探索日誌


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