“Dango”, the popular and lovely Japanese food2013.04.10

Dango is one of the most popular Japanese food. This is very traditional, but it is really familiar confection in Japanese people’s life.

"Dango", the popular and lovely Japanese food

1. What is Dango?

Dango is dumplings. It is a Japanese confection that made by flour(mostly rice flour).
How to make it? Knead flour with water and sugar, form it as a ball, boil or bake it and finish.
It is soft ,sweet and lovely confection.

2. Which kind of Dango are there?

Actually, there are so many kind of Dango.
Such as, in this season, 花見団子Hanami Dango is very popular. 花見 Hanami means cherry-blossom viewing, and Hanami Dango is Dango to eat at Hanami. It colored pink, pale green and white as cherry-blossom.
There are also sweet soysause flavour Dango, みたらし団子 Mitarashi Dango, 月見団子 Tsukimi Dango that to eat at moon-watching party.

3. Where can we buy Dango?

You can buy it in Japanese-style cofectionary store, of course.
However, you can buy it in more ordinary store.
You can get Dango in supermarket, grocery store, and even in convenience store in Japan.
You can buy Dango in convenience store only for ?1 or less.

Dango is very popular, and no Japanese doesn’t know about it.
When you come to Japan, enjoy many kind of Dango!


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