“Okonomiyaki”, the Japanese-style pancake with ingredients2013.04.09

“Okonomiyaki” is one of the Japanese food.

Ingredients are various by areas. However, the basic ones are flour, cabbage, green onion, egg, water, and pork. It is usually cooked on an iron plate or a frying pan at home. There are two famous Okonomiyaki which are “Kansai-fu”(West, Osaka area) and “Hiroshima-fu”(Hiroshima original). The recipes and the ingredients are slightly different between them. You can add noodles if you prefer. After you cook, you eat it with Okonomiyaki sauce or mayo. Toppings are available whatever you like such as squid, shrimp, mochi, cheese, and so on.

OkonomiyakiPhoto by Norio.NAKAYAMA
OkonomiyakiPhoto by 柏翰 / ポーハン / POHAN
OkonomiyakiPhoto by Dick Thomas Johnson

“Okonomiyaki”, the Japanese-style pancake with ingredients

Since you can eat Okonomiyaki as a meal, why don’t you make one with your favorite toppings?


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