[Kyoto]“Kodai-ji” the Japanese temple with some tea ceremony rooms2013.04.09

“Kodai-ji” is located in “Higashi-yama”, Kyoto prefecture, where has a lot of old Japanese architecture.

In order to mourn “Toyotomi Hideyoshi”, who was once supreme samurai ruler after “Oda Nobunaga”, this Japanese temple was built by Hideyoshi’s lawful wife “Kita-mandokoro” in 1606. One of the characteristics is “cha-shitsu” that is special room for tea ceremony. This temple is lighted up at night for several weeks in three seasons; cherry blossom in spring, hanging lanterns in summer, Koyo in autumn.?

Kodai-jiPhoto by papalagi chen
Kodai-jiPhoto by Kyoto-Picture

Kodai-jiphoto by Kentaro Ohno
Kodai-jiphoto by Kentaro Ohno

“Kodai-ji” the Japanese temple with some tea ceremony rooms

If you come to Kyoto, why don’t you visit “Kodai-ji” twice; day and night with light up.


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