[Nara]“Horyu-ji”, the oldest wooden temple in Japan2013.04.06

“Horyu-ji” is Japanese temple, which located in Ikaruga, Nara prefecture.

It is considered to have been built in the first half of 7th century and is one of the oldest wooden architecture in the world. UNESCO designated it as World Heritage. “Horyu-ji” has too much sight-seeing points to introduce any of them. “Gojyu-no-tou” is very beautiful Japanese architecture, which is located center of “Horyu-ji”. “Kudara-kannon-zou” is an image of Buddha with archaic smile. These are designated as National treasure. There are a lot of treasures.

Horyu-jiphoto by Kentaro Ohno
Horyu-jiphoto by Dick Thomas Johnson
Horyu-jiphoto by Kentaro Ohno

“Horyu-ji”, the oldest wooden temple in Japan

Nara prefecture is located adjacent to Kyoto prefecture. If you plan to go to Kyoto, I recommend you to give consideration to see treasures in “Horyu-ji”.


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