“Yokan”, the Japanese sweet jellied azuki‐bean paste2013.04.05

Yokan is one of many vegan-friendly traditional Japanese confections known as Wagashi.

It is made of red bean paste, sugar and sea vegetable based gelatinous (Agar). Yokan was brought to Japan from China in the 12th century and since became one of the best confectionaries to consume with green tea.?As Wagashi represents the art of the senses and as such, sending someone Yokan shows that you respect them highly and is a sign of sophistication. Yokan was one of the traditional confections that were made for Shogun and Emperors. Today it is still believed that Yokan should bring you Zen and pleasure your senses through its appearance, taste, texture and aroma.

"Yokan", the Japanese sweet jellied azuki‐bean paste??It is advisable to take your time when you eat Yokan as well as ensuring that you do so with a nice cup of green tea!

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