Taiyaki, the Japanese fish-shaped pancake2013.04.04

“Taiyaki” is a Japanese confectionary, shaped like a fish.? It is made using regular pancake or waffle batter and Anko (sweetened Azuki beans) is the most common filling.

Taiyaki, the Japanese fish-shaped pancake

?“Taiyaki” translates into English as “baked Sea Bream”. Red Sea bream is known as a celebratory fish in Japanese food culture. You may have seen grilled Red Sea Bream at weddings or other celebrations. Whilst we don’t know why exactly Japanese start making Taiyaki into a fish shape, eating a whole sea bream must have brought a little pleasure to a lot of Japanese people.

Eating a warm, full of sweet paste Taiyaki will definitely bring you a little happiness and homely feel. So, it may be a good idea to have some Taiyaki when you want to celebrate a little something in your life.


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