“Saigo Takamori” a great samurai who reformed Japanese regime2013.04.03

“Saigo Takamori” was born in Kagoshima prefecture, “Satsuma-han” at that time.

He was very tall and fat like a giant. He was not good at battle by Katana, Japanese sword. But he was great leader with sharp eye for a course of Japanese history. His follower samurai said “I am able to die for Saigo”. “Satsuma-han” had the strongest military power in that age. “Saigo Takamori” shaked hands with a bitter enemy “Cho-shu-han” and “Satsuma-han” attacked Edo shogunate together. Consequently, “Saigo” became hero to reform Japanese regime, finishing feudalism. His great achievement leaded him too big exsistance. “Saigo Takamori” was proposed as head of a rebel army.

“Saigo Takamori” a great samurai who reformed Japanese regime

Samurais around “saigo” was outrageously strong but couldn’t be the winner due to the newest weapons of a government. Finally, a giant samurai decided to kill himself at his birthplace, “Kagoshima”.

Photo by Kens銅像探索日誌


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