“Sho-yu”, the Japanese soy sauce2013.04.02

When foreigner comes Japan first time in the air port, they feel the smell of soy sauce.

This is popularly said about Japan.
Is this true? Unfortunately, we can’t validate whether it is true or not, because we are Japanese, who have gotten to know soy sauce.

"Sho-yu", the Japanese soy sauce

Soy saurce is used in most of Japanese food.
Sushi, Tenpura, Rahmen, Udon, Oden…
It is very hard to find Japanese food which doesn’t use soy sauce.
Even to cook Chinise of Western food, we also use small amount of soy sauce to give it a subtle flavour.

Actually, we use soy sauce even for snacks or confections.
Soy sause flavour snack is very popular in Japan. You can enjoy potato crisp, rice cracker, snack made by corn of soy sauce flavour.
And a traditional Japanese confection, Mitarashi Dango is skewered rice dumplings in a sweet soy glaze. Soy sause add confections pleasant burnt taste.

If you want to enjoy Japanese mood, just buy soy sauce!
When you add this sauce to any food, you can enjoy that food in Japanese style!


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