How to cook “Udon”, the Japanese wheat noodles2013.03.27

Do you know japanese food, “Udon?”

Udon is the one of the most popular noodle in Japan.
This time, we introduce about Udon!

【How to cook "Udon", the Japanese wheat noodles】

1. What is Udon?

Udon is noodle of white color.
It made by flour, salt and water. Chewy one is prefered.

Udonphoto by Yuya Tamai

2. What kind of Udon recipes are there?

We have many kind of Udon in Japan.
Udon with deep-fried tofu is called “狐うどん Kitsune Udon,” means Udon of fox.
There are also Udon of raccoon dog, “狸うどん Tanuki Udon.”

Though these udon has the names of animals, the meat of the animals are not used, actually. Sometimes, same kind of?Udon uses different ingredients between eastern Japan and western Japan.

In eastern Japan, people uses bits of deep-fried tempura batter with udon. In western Japan, people uses chopped deep-fried tofu with?Udon. Japan is very extended to east and west, so there are many defference in east and west.

Udonphoto by takumi.412

3. How to cook it?

The most simple Udon is “かけうどん KakeUdon” in eastern Japan, “素うどんSuUdon” in western Japan. They are same thing, just the names are defferent.
This Udon is very easy to cook.
Just boil Udon noodle, and put them in dashi.

Dashi is Japanese soup stock.
Dashi is made by fish or tangle weed.
In eastern Japan, only fish dashi is used, and in western Japan, fish and tangle weed dashi is used.
Color of dashi is very defferent in eastern and western Japan. In eastern, it is more black, and in western, it is more transparent and colorless.

To cook Udon, you should boil Udon noodle. The time of boiling is very important, because chewy texture is essential of Udon.
While you boiling the noodle, you can make dashi.
Put dried fish(and tangle weed, if you want to make western Japan version) in water and sake, boil it few minutes. After boil it, remove fish and tangle weed. Add soy source and salt to fix the taste. Then, cooking dashi is finish.
Just put boiled noodle in dashi, KakeUdon or SuUdon is there!
According to your taste, add grating ginger, spices like chili powder or shredded leek to eat!

We will introduce more japanese food recipes on this web site, so look forward to them!

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