“Tonkatsu”, the Japanese pork cutlets2013.03.26

“Tonkatsu” is one of the Japanese food.

Ingredients of “Tonkatsu” are pork, egg, flour, and “panko” (Japanese bread crumbs). You coat the pork in a beaten egg first, and flour, and then panko. You can use pork fillet, but pork loin would work also. I recommend you to tenderize the pork in a crosshatch pattern on the surfaces by using a knife before the coating process. If you prepare rice, miso-soup, and shredded cabbages, it will be Tonkatsu combo meal. Eat with Tonkatsu sauce for serving, or worcestershire sauce could be substituted.

“Tonkatsu”, the Japanese pork cutlets

Why don’t you try to order Tonkatsu when you go to the Japanese restaurant?


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