“Ukiyo-e”, the Japanese woodblock prints2013.03.25

“Ukiyo-e” is classic style of Japanese painting and woodblock prints.

“Ukiyo” means “modern” style, and “e” means “art” in Japanese. It had been loved by the common people for Edo era. The characteristic of this art style was subjectivity of artists. They were free to draw many things(landscapes, figures, flowers sightseeing spots and so on)as they see them. Realism was not needed. Exaggeration and showy color were often used. “Ukiyo-e” was exported to Europe and gave a heavy impact to the young artists; Van Gogh, Monet, Renoir…etc.

“Ukiyo-e”, the Japanese woodblock prints

Yes, Japanese culture “Ukiyo-e” drove the movement of Impressionism.

photo by www.wafusozai.com


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