“Ocha-zuke”, the Japanese food2013.03.23

“Ocha-zuke” is a one of Japanese food.

Basically, you only need tea and rice to make it. Therefore, it is a very easy recipe to eat whenever you get hungry.The recipe is very simple. You can put toppings on the steamed white rice such as salmon, ume-boshi (pickled plum), or raw tuna, and pour tea on it. You can use not only hot tea but also cold tea depends on the season and the situation. Since it doesn’t matter what kind of tea you use, you can try whatever you like. Green tea is typical, but you can use oolong tea also.

"Ocha-zuke", the Japanese food

You may try to put crackers or crushed peanuts as toppings if you can’t find ingredients suggested above. Why don’t you try to make your own Ocha-zuke?


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